“Quality counts”

That is the philosophy that has been the driving force behind the group for more than 45 years in the steel work structuring and small, mid and large metal sheet works sector. Our business is carried out through three different companies: Tonello S.p.A., Euro.co.me.t. S.r.l. and Ossilaser S.p.A.; that means we can offer our customers a full and complete service in all the metal sectors. The three companies (Tonello S.p.A., Euro.co.me.t. S.r.l. and Ossilaser S.p.A.) were devised and organised to meet specific targets and requirements and in turn to offer professional services throughout all the various stages of metalwork production. Growing together is the project that Tonello has implemented together with its employees which entails collaborating with one another on the road to increasing professional skills and the company in Buttrio (Udine). A strong focus is placed on up and coming young individuals who year after year thanks to the professional skills they have acquired with us, constitute an added value for our company and develop and hone their skills and know-how in the metal works sector.

















The flexibility of the firm and its ability to meet market needs make it competitive in all modern industry sectors.





Company with high competence and expertise in all aspects of 2D cutting, high standards of quality and innate attention to the customer.




Company that has always placed at center stage in the assembly and welding industry.




Gruppo Tonello S.r.l. - P.IVA. 01830670301 - Via D'Orment, 6 - 33042 Buttrio (UD)